European Hydrogen Energy Conference - 2024

Guidelines for oral presentations and posters

Oral communications

Should have a maximum of 15 minutes duration, plus 5 minutes for questions at the end of your presentation (15+5 min). We kindly ask you to adhere to the assigned time in order to maintain the schedule of the sessions.
Additionally, here enclose some indications related your presentation and onsite procedure for presentations delivery:

  • Presentation should be provided in power point landscape orientation for a correct view on the screen. If required, there is a power point template that could be used optionally if you wish (website EHEC2024).
  • Presentations using a personal laptop computer will not be accepted.
  • The PowerPoint presentations will be delivered in the room provided for this purpose, at least 2 hours before their participation, in a USB-stick, with all the files included in a folder by presentation (power point and associated videos or any other document). The folder will be identify as follows:
    • Name of the room
    • Day of the presentation
    • Time of the presentation
    • First author's name (First_Name_Surname_Last_Name)
    • Example: A_6-3_9’00_First_Name_Surname_Surname_Last_Name



Presenters of display posters should be available at their poster during coffee breaks to answer any questions.

  • Format: portrait (vertical)
  • Maximun dimensions: Length: 146 cm and width 90 cm