European Hydrogen Energy Conference - 2024

Abstract Submission Rules and Guidelines

- To submit abstracts, the first author must register on the website.
- Abstracts must be submitted by 31 July 2023. Abstracts submitted after this date will not be accepted.
- Abstracts should be submitted exclusively through the conference website.
- The registration fee entitles you to present a maximum of three abstracts.
- Extreme care must be taken when entering personal and institutional data, as these data will appear automatically in the book of abstracts of the Congress without any prior editing process. Abbreviations of personal and institutional names should be avoided.
-Once the deadline for submission of abstracts has passed, NO changes of authors will be accepted. The authors will appear on the certificate in the same order and format as in the abstract submitted.
- All papers whose speaker has not registered by 15 December 2023 may be withdrawn from the Congress programme.
- The communications may be modified or deleted in the web application itself until 31 July at 23:59 hours. After this time, they can no longer be modified and will be understood as finalised, and the evaluation of the same will begin.

Presentation of scientific contributions
The preferred mode of presentation of abstracts shall be clearly identified by the author during the abstract submission process. The Scientific Committees hold the right of the final allocation of the contributions to the scientific sessions in the Conference as well as of the presentation type. The authors will be notified on due time of the decision of the Committees for agreement. The scientific contributions can be presented in any of the following categories:

  • Oral presentation preferred
  • Poster presentation preferred

How to submit an abstract
All the scientific contributions must be submitted through the abstract submission system in the Conference website , after an account has been created. Use your account user and password to submit your abstract(s) through the submission system. Submission is accepted prior to registration to the Conference but any accepted abstract will not be included in the final programme if the presenter is not register before the deadline of the registration period (November 30, 2023). The abstracts shall be submitted exclusively through the online portal. Fax, e-mail or other ways of abstract submission WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Read carefully the following abstract guidelines before preparing your abstract.

  • Topics: Abstracts of Communications should be sent indicating the Topic to which they correspond.
  • Authors: must indicate their name, surname, place of work, place and e-mail address.
    • There is no maximum number of authors.
    • The main author will be the speaker and therefore the one presenting the paper.
    • The first author added is considered as the presenting author of the abstract. To edit this information, please click on the edit button and choose the option "Speaker".
    • For the purposes of the the organisation, the main author / speaker will be the person responsible for the work and therefore the one who receives the notifications and information in his personal area "MY CONGRESS" of the website.
  • Extension: The abstract should have a maximum extension of 7,000 characters (including spaces). There is no minimum extension, but take into account that the acceptation of the communication will be based in the evaluation of the submitted abstract. If the description of the scientific/technological novelty, quality, and innovation of the work is poorly described, the possibilities of acceptation, especially as oral presentation, are scarce.
    • You can directly write  the text in the box or paste a pre-writing text. Special characters (Greek, symbols, super/subscript, etc.) will be kept.
    • The use of different sections it is not mandatory but it is advisable. These sections can include, as examples, Introduction, Objectives Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, and References.
    • In-text citations of the references should be made using numbers in square brackets in line with the text [1-5]. The list of the references should be in a separate section (“References”). Please, use the style indicated in the examples depending on the reference type: journal [1], book [2], chapter in a book [3], patent [4] or congress communication [5].

      Examples of References:
      [1] X. Wang, K. Maeda, A. Thomas, K. Takanabe, G. Xin, J.M. Carlsson, K. Domen, M. Antonietti, Nature Mater. 8 (2009) 76-80.
      [2] W. Strunk Jr., E.B. White, The Elements of Style, 3th ed., Allyn & Bacon, 1979.
      [3] S. Martínez-Conde, S.L. Macknik, in: Encyclopedia of Perception, E. Bruce Goldstein. (Ed.), Sage Press, 2011, pp. 1077-1081.
      [4] J. Gaughan, U.S. Patent 5,354,238, 1994.
      [5] J. Randi, in The Magic of Consciousness symposium, 11th Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. Las Vegas, 2007.
  • Figures, Tables and Equation 
    • Figures and Tables will be uploaded as JPG files. The maximum size of Figures and Tables should be 16 x 9 cm (width x height). Tables/figures/graphs, with a limit of four files (Only .jpg format will be accepted).
    • Captions of Figures and Tables will included in the corresponding text box, including “Image 1.” at the beginning of the text (X is the correlative number for figures and tables)
    • Tip for including Equations created using dedicated software (MS Office, LaTeX, etc.): group them in a Figure, and make reference to them in the body text. In addition, it is possible to include some equations in the body text using special characters (Greek, symbols, super/subscript, etc.)
  • The name of the author and co-authors and the order in which they appear in the paper will be used for the subsequent edition of the paper certificates as well as in the publications where the papers appear. After the deadline for submitting papers, authors may not be added or modified.

For any doubts or queries regarding the submission of papers via the website, please contact the Congress Secretariat (